Membership Rates

Please note that the annual subscription fees are due on the 1st September each year.

Despite the fact that we have not increased our fees since 01/09/13 the Exec Committee have decided to keep them at their current level for another year.

Single Membership£28.00
Single Membership (OAP)£17.00
Double Membership£41.00
Double Membership (OAP)£24.00

Please note that in order to qualify for the Double Membership discount you have to be a married couple or a co-habiting couple living at the same address. Being otherwise related, living at separate addresses or “just good friends” does not count.

In order to qualify for the OAP discount you must be in receipt of the State Pension and for the Double Membership OAP discount both of you must be in receipt of the State Pension.

All new members joining after 31/08/16 will be required to pay a £5 joining fee.


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